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Men’s summer fashion has always been pretty tricky. The things men typically wear in the fall or winter – denim, flannel, etc. – are too hot to wear in the summer.

So what we’re left with are the boring staples: plain t-shirts, cotton shorts, and flip-flops. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Fashion designers presented some very interesting summer looks on the runway this year, and they’re easy to implement in your wardrobe. Let’s check ’em out.

Make a Stink in Pink

Pink came back with a vengeance in men’s wardrobes this year, and it’ll be here to stay all summer. If you want to be on-trend you’ll want to implement some pink into your fashion diet.

However, you’ll want to stay away from neon or more flamboyant pinks. Desaturated hues or pastel pinks are more in right now. Anything from a pair of pink socks, cotton shorts, or even a full suit will have you looking fresh.

The Eighties Are Back

Last summer, the nineties were all the rage. Bright colors and mesh tank tops were omnipresent in the streets of New York and Paris. But this year, our brightest fashion minds have gone back even further for inspiration.

That’s right, folks. The eighties are back, which means we’ll be rocking pastel colors (we already touched on that), boxy suits, drape-y, loose jackets and iron-creased pants.

If you need further inspiration here, just take a look at some old photos of your dad. Hit the runway with a pair of light-wash jeans and chunky sneakers.

All-White Everything

This summer everyone is going to be rocking white, and no, we don’t mean this Off-White collection everyone is dying to get!

This falls in line with the eighties vibe this summer is bringing, but head-to-toe white is a look of its own. If you want to pull it off boldly, you’ll want everything from your shades to your sneakers to be crisp white.

If you’re feeling less adventurous, you can switch out a top-layer piece for a light, denim jacket, or something else with a little bit of color.

Vertical Stripes

Good news for those of us a little round in the middle: vertical stripes are back in a big way this year.

No matter the color or thickness, many models sported looks with vertical stripes this year. White-on-black, black-on-white, pink-on-white, it doesn’t matter. Stripes are in!

Those of us who failed to maintain our weight loss routines for a perfect summer body will be happy to take advantage of this slimming trend.

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