Guys, the summer is fast approaching and now is the time to start decking out your wardrobe with the hottest summer styles. Summer can be a tricky one for guys, especially if they aren’t up for flashing too much flesh. Thankfully however, we have got some of this year’s hottest styles which you can wear in order to set this year on fire.

Regardless of whether you are looking for some casual wear or something a little smarter, these are the styles which you should be looking to try out this year.

Pastel Sneakers

Us guys usually play it safe when it comes to sneakers, opting for traditional black, white, or perhaps the odd red and blue, strong and masculine colours. This year however, we are flipping the switch on traditional colours and instead opting for some pastel colours. Peaches, light yellows, faded pink and cream are all on the menu this year, so go and deck yourself out in some sneakers which fit the bill.

Pleated Trousers

Those of you looking to dress smart this year should pay attention to this awesome throwback to the 1950s with pleated trousers. Whether you are wearing a suit or you plan on a smart/casual outfit, these sharp trousers, with clear pleats through the centre of them, are just the ticket for this year’s summer style. If you want to really set the outfit off, go for some pleated trousers with tapered bottoms, and combine with some cool boat shoes, without the socks.

Round Glasses

Aviators and Oakley-style wraps will take a backseat this year as we see more and more round sunglasses come into play. These glasses may remind you of an 80s summer scene, and that is because that is exactly where they are from. This retro style is the only one which you should be using for your sunglasses choice this year.

Longer Shorts

Short length choices seem to have been getting shorter and shorter as the years have gone on, but no more as we embrace some longer shorts. We are not talking about board shorts here boys, so keep them in the closet and instead look for some stylish shorts, that go down to the knee area. Try to work these shorts in with a stylish shirt for a great summer look.

Printed Shirts

Shirts that you buy this year should be bold, colourful and include large printed features such as flowers or animals. Resist your urge to buy a classic Hawaiian shirt, as this could be taking it a little too far. Instead look out for sleek and well-fitted shirts, which offer a little bit of excitement and colour. If you want to look your best when dressing smart this summer, these are the types of shirts which you need to be buying.

Now is a great time to start planning your summer wardrobe and many of these styles can be found in the shops already, go ahead and set the summer on fire!