There are some basic things you should look at when picking your general education courses. For instance, you want to choose classes that excite you, offer a learning opportunity, and give you opportunities to make friends. You don’t want to just pick the easiest classes available. However, there is so much more to choosing the right classes for you.

When picking your classes at any college, including USC, you will need to complete a set of general education requirements. These classes often get a bad rap. For the few who attend college knowing their career path and profile, like those who know they want to work in health care and know the health career profile, general education courses are seen as an obstacle preventing them from working on their degree. The rest of the students see these as a way to explore a variety of disciplines and see other options, such as other health degree options. Not to mention, these can help freshmen answer some frequently asked questions about college life and get settled in. Read on for tips on how to pick the right general education courses.

Ones That Interest You

Rather than taking the generic history class, try taking something that you find interesting. If it is a unique class, there is a better chance that the class will be small. This will allow for more discussion, which can generate more ideas and critical thought. By being more engaged in the course, you may find a subject matter that you like and explore more degree options than you would have otherwise. In other words, taking a general education course that interests you, could help you find your major.

Ones That Offer Great Learning Opportunities

There is a reason everyone has to take general education courses. Part of having a well-rounded education means that you explore all the fields of study. This includes math, English, social science, physical science, and the humanities. Actively participating in these courses will give you skills that will lead you to success in whatever field you choose, because these courses aim to build your critical thinking, writing skills, communication skills, global awareness, and problem-solving abilities. Therefore, you need to choose courses that offer a great opportunity to add extra value to your education.

Ones That Let You Meet Your Fellow Classmates

The best part about general education courses is that they are a melting pot of different students. Once start working on your major courses, you will start seeing the same people repeatedly. Of course, you will meet students in your dorm, clubs, and job who may be in different majors. But a large portion of your time will be with people in your major. To make more diverse friends, choose general education courses that will let you interact and meet your classmates.

If you have found the perfect college for yourself, you are probably daydreaming about your time away from home. While choosing your major can seem overwhelming, choosing the right general education courses will make your decision a little easier. Remember to choose the ones that interest you, offer great learning opportunities, and let you meet your classmates to get the most out of your general education courses.