At the beginning of last year I was about to enter into the final year of a university course which I had been studying for. This was distance learning and whilst I had been doing well for  large part of it, the final two years saw me struggle quite a bit. When lockdown kicked in I saw it as a great opportunity to really work hard on my final year, and I decided that private tutoring would be a good idea for me. I was apprehensive at first because in truth I didn’t really know what I would be able to get from this. In retrospect I really shouldn’t have been worried because what I have received from the tutor has been absolutely incredible.

If you are struggling and you aren’t sure whether or not a tutor is for you here are just some of the benefits which I have counted on since I decided to use a tutor.

Skill Gaps

What I love about using a tutor is that they are there for you and they are there to work on the bits that you need help with. Because of the fact that tutors don’t have curriculums to stick to, they can literally support with those details that you plain and simple just do not understand. This means no going over old material that you understand, but working on those specific areas which you are confused about.


I had no idea just how damaged my confidence was prior to getting a tutor and now that I have more knowledge and know that so many aspects make more sense to me than they did back then, I feel myself brimming with confidence. What you have to understand is that we don’t all learn in different ways. A professor or a teacher will teach in a certain style to try and educate as many as they possibly can. When you miss something or you are confused by something, it may just be that it has been presented in the wrong way. This happened so many times with my tutor whereby she mentioned something in a certain way, and bang, just like that it made sense. Make no mistake, there is a lot of confidence to be gained from understanding your studies.

Increase Ability

One thing which I can absolutely assure you of is that through the use of a private tutor you are going to be able to most certainly increase your ability. Because of the fact that these sessions are one to one and because they are dedicated towards the very specifics of the areas that you do not understand, the result is going to be a smarter and a better educated you. If you are struggling with subjects then the investment in a tutor is going to be one which ensures that you no longer struggle with that subject.

Don’t struggle in silence, there is a lot of support out there which you can count.