What is a big government? If you’ve just recently come across the political term big government and are interested in discovering exactly what a big government is and how a big government can influence the lives of everyday citizens,Turning Point USA has some ideas to discover everything you need to know about big governments.

What is a big government?

A big government refers to a type of government which actively interferes with the public sector and tries to maintain control of public sector businesses as well as government departments.

How to spot a big government:

1. Big governments tend to tax their citizens highly

Big government leaders believe that they know how to spend and invest their citizens’ incomes better than their citizens do and so try and push legislation which will increase their country’s taxes. In order to vastly increase the governments’ disposable income.

In some cases, big governments may be able to use their sizeable tax reserves to provide their citizens with a world-class school system and an excellent public healthcare system, such as in Sweden. While if a big government is corrupt the leaders may choose to keep the bulk of the taxes which they have accumulated in order to pay themselves exorbitant salaries.

2. Big governments try to push through a barrage of regulations to control every area of their citizens’ lives

Big governments are also notorious for continually trying to push through new regulations, in order to control almost every aspect of their citizens’ lives. As an example, a big government will typically try to control the public sector by implementing business legislation which will effectively control which businesses will succeed and have a future and which businesses will be forced to shut down.

As an example, a big government may implement new tax regulations which penalize businesses who choose to export the majority of their goods overseas in order to prevent businesses from pursuing offshore business deals.

3. Big governments may try and restrict their citizens’ freedom of speech and basic human rights

Countries which can be described as big governments may also try to restrict their citizens’ freedom of speech and basic human rights.

As an example, Saudi Arabia which is definitely classed as a big government barred women from driving until 2018 and requires women to wear burqas when they are in public. Worse yet women are still prohibited from leaving Saudi Arabia without the permission of their father or husband. Which is an example of how citizens’ basic human rights can be adversely affected by a morally corrupt big government.

4. Big governments don’t encourage their citizens’ to pursue higher education as much as small governments

Big governments often see higher education as a threat to their power as more educated individuals won’t agree with the level of control which a big government would seek to maintain in the long-term.

Thankfully while the US government may at times be described as a big government, it has never sought to control the lives of its citizens as much as morally corrupt big governments!