Spring always seems to be the time that many people begin thinking about a change in career. With summer on its way in Australia there’s never been a better time to think about a change in job, even if it means going back to school to retrain. The good thing is that there are a whole host of great courses that adults can take through correspondence, online or in person both full and part time through local colleges or universities to help get degrees in anything from medicine to law and everything in between. If you’ve been dreaming of a job in law, check out these top types of law you may want to specialise in.


Family law is one of the most popular types and can include a number of different things from adoption paperwork to finalising divorces or arranging for custody when relationships break down. Likewise some family lawyers may deal with wills and estates in the event of a death. This can be a challenging but rewarding type of law to go into and can be hugely varied depending on the day and the needs of your clients.


Property law is exactly what it sounds like – dealing with the law surrounding property. The lawyer typically ensures all the paperwork for purchases and sales is in order and will make sure that the money gets from the bank to the seller or wherever else it needs to go. Likewise, property lawyers will generally remind the buyer/seller of the things they need to do themselves and will prepare the full paperwork packages so that everything is in order and ready to go.


Criminal law is one of the most exciting forms of law there is. Just ask any Sydney criminal lawyers. Criminal law typically has two facets: defense and prosecution, which are exactly what they sound like. Criminal defense will see you defending a criminal against a charge while the prosecution will fight to prove that the defendant is guilty. This can see you defending or prosecuting against anything from smaller crimes like shoplifting, thefts and burglaries all the way up to armed robberies, aggravated assault and murder.


Like all other forms of law, the clue is in the name. An immigration lawyer will help immigrants to the country file their paperwork and will also argue their case to immigration courts. Particularly helpful if there is a confusing immigration case, these lawyers will have to stay on top of all new legislation regarding immigration of all kinds and be able to defend their clients before immigration tribunals and judges. Some refugees may require the services of immigration lawyers if their applications get refused, but also everyday people hoping to emigrate to the country can use these types of lawyers as well to take the guesswork out of the paperwork.

So if you’ve been looking for that next exciting career opportunity, consider retraining in law. With so many great branches to choose from it’s no wonder so many people often opt to go into law, especially later in life.