If you have been looking to travel the world without interrupting your work or your studies then perhaps one of the study abroad internships could be the right choice for you. Many people around the world would love nothing more than an opportunity like this and there are so many benefits to taking on an experience such as this. Regardless of what it is you are studying, there are a wide range of options all over the world which will allow you to go somewhere new and perfect your craft, as if this wasn’t enough, there are also a whole host of benefits from taking on this kind of internship, let’s take a look.

Cultural Experience

One of the biggest benefits of taking on a study abroad internship, is that you will be able to not only travel somewhere new, but really be able to scratch beneath the surface of the culture. Few people get an opportunity like this and whilst you will of course be studying, you will be doing so with locals who you can befriend and who can help you to understand more about the culture and the way of life of your chosen destination. Whether it is Barcelona, South Korea or France, there are many opportunities just waiting for you.

Broader Learning

When you study abroad, you get to see the different ways in which your chosen topic is being taught in different locations. The teaching methods are different and so too will be the level of what you are being taught. The benefit of learning in this way is that you will be a far more rounded student who is in tune with the way in which things work both at home, and around the world with regards to your subject choice.

Earning Credits

Heading abroad to learn is about far more than simply having an experience abroad, you can also earn valuable credits which you can put towards you course back home. This is arguably one of the biggest benefits of having this experience, that you can not only enjoy a new country with new experiences, but also that you won’t lose out on your studies as a result. If you take on this kind of experience during the summer months, you can also count on bonus credit as you would have been on vacations regardless.


In the majority of cases, when you are heading off to a foreign country to study, you will also be heavily exposed to the local language, giving you a perfect opportunity to learn something new as you study. Many students come back with a strong level of new languages such as French and Spanish, a wonderful addition to the studies which they have already completed.

If you want a new experience that will see you travel the world, meet new people and boost your education, this is the perfect opportunity for you.