If you have a desire to become part of the magnificent organization the Volunteer Firefighter Alliance, then you will have to ensure that you have got the skills to do the job.

These men and women perform a vital role for our fire services, ensuring that they are fully equipped to deal with whatever comes their way. Sadly it would make no sense to fund a fire service to cope with any more than they are used to, but sometimes events take place which mean that they have to call in support. If you think that this is a position which you would like to take on, here is what you will need to possess.

Good Condition

Fitness is absolutely critical for someone who wishes to work in this position, and the reality is that lives could depend on it. There is no room in the fire service or the VFA for someone who is out of shape, and that is why the first  thing you will need is a good level of condition. There will be a fitness test to pass if you wish to take on this job role.


The reason why the volunteers who work for the VFA are so widely respected is because they will be putting themselves in dangerous conditions without getting paid for it. With this in mind you will absolutely have to ensure that you have a good level of commitment to the cause. Without this there really is no incentive for you to get out there and support the fire service.


Whilst many will say that they are just doing their jobs, the reality is that those who work in both the fire service and the VFA are incredibly brave people. This is certainly a characteristic which you will need when you join up, and that is something which not all of us possess. This bravery will mean doing whatever it takes to remedy a situation, and save lives too if it comes to it.

Dedication to the Cause

It is not just about the level of commitment which you have, but also the dedication which you have to helping out. Those who are volunteers in the VFA have to drop everything that they are doing when the time comes, and that could mean leaving people in a tight spot. Whatever you are doing at the time, your responsibility will be to drop everything and go to help, which requires a lot of dedication.

Detail Driven

There are many processes which are in place for a fire service and you will get full training on this. It is critical that you are attentive to the details so that you will be able to do the very best within this job role. No matter what the situation is, your training will ensure that you know what to do, as long as you have paid attention to what you have been taught.