For myself and my business partner Mark Hochberg NYU was a wonderful experience which really set up us for our professional careers. Mark and I were relatively smart kids and university was the perfect place for us to branch out a little more in terms of our social skills, Mark was always much better at that than I was. Ultimately we both adored our days at university and I have no doubt that you will too. Besides the fun and the partying however, it is important that you recognize there is a reason why you are at university, and that is to get an education. If you want to do well at university, here is how to go about it.


The one thing which I really cannot stress enough is the importance of balance during your university years. There is a real temptation to go out partying all of the time, and in truth your first year may be slightly imbalanced in favor of partying. Conversely you can’t shun the social scene and focus purely on the studies because this is going to be a great period of your life where you are learning about being independent and making new friendships and relationships. Remember to always try your very best to find balance between your studies and having fun.

Taking it All On

I always thought the best course of action at college was to be a yes person and get involved in as many things as possible. I was on the debate team, I helped out when there were football games on, I would help to organize parties and I was even in the drama club for a short while. You have a real opportunity here to learn all kinds of new skills and put yourself into new and exciting situations, I’d recommend that you take this opportunity with both hands. There is also a case here to boost your resume as many companies like to have someone who enjoys testing themselves in new situations.

Put The Hours In

Ultimately you are here to get an education and to earn top grades, at least to the best of your ability. This is why you have to be prepared and dedicated enough to put the hours into studying when the time comes. What I enjoyed most about university were the friends I made who genuinely got a kick out of learning things and chatting about various theories, ideas and principles. I must say however that I would always find it important to study in groups and on your own, as when you are in a group it is a great time to grasp knowledge, and when you are on your own it is a wonderful time to really get your head down and work.

Work hard and play hard is the best way that I can describe how you should be at university, be open, be flexible and be dedicated.