Board games have had a resurgence in popularity and are no longer stuffed into the backs of closets, waiting to be pulled out for rainy days. The trend is so big that people are going to cafes and paying for the privilege of playing at a table for a few hours. You don’t have to go to a crowded café to have a good time with your friends — you can invite them to your home and host your very own game night.

What types of board games should you play?

Choosing the right board games for your party can be tricky because the wrong choice can leave your guests frustrated, bored or in a sour mood. Think about the personalities of your guests and their expectations for the night — like if they are incredibly competitive, if they can only stay for two hours or if they are expecting a marathon session. If you’re looking for the best adult party games for your event, they should have a short set-up, simple instructions and lots of player interaction to inspire hours of loud and boisterous fun.

What food should you serve?

Put out scrumptious treats that you can eat with your hands like salty pretzels, potato chips or slices of fruit. Another tasty option is a bowl of mochi ice cream snacks, which are spheres of premium ice cream smothered in sweetened rice dough. You can get boxes of My/Mo Mochi ice cream from the frozen food aisle of your nearest grocery store. They have a selection of incredible flavors ranging from classic fan favorites to adventurous and exciting tastes. You can entice your guests with a box of mint chocolate chip, ripe strawberry or cookies and cream mochi ice cream — better yet, you can get all of the flavors of these frozen treats to keep everyone happy and full. If you think your guests will be hankering for something more substantial, offer slices of pizza alongside your snacks. You can easily make homemade pizza recipes full of gourmet ingredients like caramelized onions, artichoke hearts and prosciutto instead of ordering boxes from the nearest parlor.

What drinks should you have on hand?

If you want to really have a good time, you should consider preparing some cocktails and chilling bottles of booze in the fridge. When you are planning the best drinks for your game night, see if you can make the recipes match with the board games — for instance, a classic game should be paired with an era-appropriate cocktail like a classic old fashioned or a gin and tonic. If you want to keep things simple or if you want to avoid over-spending for your party, you can ask that every guest brings their own drink for the night.

Other tips for your board game night include putting out lots of napkins and wet-naps, choosing laminated game cards and having backup games available. Finally, as long as you relax and have a great time with your friends, you will finish every game feeling like a winner.