How much trash does your family produce at home on any given day? Households with several family members – especially kids, are more prone to produce waste than those who live by themselves; the more people in a home, the more products they consume, which directly translates to more trash produced. We are all familiar with the usual household trash – cereal boxes, milk jugs and cartons, plastic food packaging, food waste and recyclable materials such as tin cans, plastic bottles, and the like. Improperly disposing of trash – such as throwing it on the street and in the ocean – can harm the environment. So how can we start at home by properly disposing of trash? Here are some ways.

Have separate bins for each type of trash

Garbage segregation is a must in every home and business. This is to ensure that trash is not mixed up and disposing of it is easier. Have one bin for food waste, one for recyclables such as cans and bottles, one for biodegradables such as paper and cartons and another one for non-biodegradables, such as plastic packaging. Color coordinating and labeling trash bins make it easier to segregate.

Make a small compost pit in your backyard

A little compost pit is where you can bury food waste, so it decomposes correctly. It then becomes organic fertilizer. Try planting some plants in your yard, and you will notice that they will grow healthy, thanks to the compost in the ground.

Teach kids to be responsible with their trash

Discipline starts at an early age. Set a good example for children in your house by being accountable for waste. Teach them which garbage goes where, and not to throw anything anywhere besides in the trash bins, especially when out of the house. You will instill in them the responsibility of taking care of their trash, and they will take it well into adulthood.


You can take your used plastic bottles, tins and aluminum cans, milk jugs, and egg trays to recycling centers. Some centers exchange recyclable materials for money, so it’s a win-win situation. Recyclable materials are then recycled into other useful materials.

Give away things that can still be useful

If you need to throw stuff like old TVs and big plastic containers to replace them with new ones, but they are still functional, why not give them away to charity? This way, you get to help those who may still have a use for your old stuff.

If you produce a lot of trash say from a house party, and you have no way of disposing of it right away, you can call a company that offers junk removal In Miami to take care of your trash. They will take it to the proper landfill so that you the task is out of your hands. It is next to impossible to be trash-free, but we must take measures to reduce trash as much as possible, so we can do our share in helping the environment.