If you are looking at which college you want to attend or you want your children to attend then it makes sense to learn all that you can about campus life there, as well as the educational standard which you can expect. To help give us that insight we spoke to Carter Boyle Duke alumni to break down what life was like during his time in the university, in order to help anyone who is considering studying at the North Carolina college.


Sports is just huge here in Duke and it really is the heartbeat of the university. When the basketball or football team is playing then everything stops and everyone tunes in. Many Duke ballers have made it to the NBA and they have flown the flag high for the university. Beyond the main sports there are men and women’s soccer, fencing, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics and athletics which all gain a lot of attention and give students something to do in their spare time, either to play or watch.

Social Scene

Duke has a strong party scene but it isn’t quite like it is in other colleges, sure there are bars and clubs open throughout the week but nothing really gets too crazy until the weekend, or after last classes at the end of term. This isn’t a uni where there are wild parties in dorms night after night.

Food Choices

The food on campus s very good and extremely affordable, there are 2 cafes and one restaurant on campus which many students will use most days. A few years ago the board cut down the prices which has no made this way more accessible to the students.

Greek Life

There is more focus on sororities at Duke than there is on fraternities but they both still exits to a reasonable size. The Greek life is very different from how things used to be at Duke and to be completely honest they keep themselves to themselves.


There is always something for students to get involved in which can help them to make new friends and stay busy outside of the classroom. There are environmental societies, wildfire clubs, film and cinema clubs, debate teams and everything else that you would expect a university of Duke to have and to promote. These clubs get really goo attendance levels and they provide students with a great opportunity to do things differently.

Fellow Students

As with most universities there is a real mix here at Duke but most students are here for the sport, which brings with it a certain type of student. I never had any issues at all with my fellow students and everyone either gets along or just gets on with their day.

Duke is a wonderful university and my time there was extremely enjoyable, it certainly makes for a great destination for you or your child’s college experience.