If you are looking to change careers, upgrade your job or put an end to your unemployment, it is absolutely vital that you are looking in the right places. The reason why this is an important topic to discuss is because of how much the world has changed since the internet has come along, including the way in which we search for employment. The key to getting the job that you are after is to make sure that you see vacancies when they appear and here is how you to go about it.


If you are looking to find a position within a specialist niche then you should be trying to focus on websites and vacancies from recruitment agencies with these specialisations. For example if you are looking to find a legal job in London, there is little point in you spending too much time on websites that focus on positions all over the country, in a number of fields. In this example you will have a far higher chance of securing the job that you want, if you hone in on specialist websites and companies.


LinkedIn is the social media channel for professionals and it is important that you have a profile on the website. Not only can you use this medium to search for companies that have vacancies, you will also open yourself up to be found by such companies. Make sure that you have a fully informative profile which lists everything about you and your experience, and keep checking to see if you have received any job offers. Many companies now look to a site such as LinkedIn to find the very best professionals, as well as using the site to list any vacancies which they may have.

Casting Your Net 

It is vitally important that you cast your net far and wide when you are looking for a position that you want. Many people will focus on just one or two jobs pages but this isn’t enough if you want to get the best job available. Instead you should be scouring as many pages as possible, as well as utilising social media and websites such as Craigslist and other classified pages. There should be no limit to how many places you are looking at in order to find the perfect vacancy.

Cold Calling

Something else which you should be doing in pursuit of the job that you want is to cold call companies, or send your CV in regardless of whether or not they have vacancies. The reason for this is that they may have positions which aren’t advertised or they may even create one for you if they are impressed. Doing this shows real ambition to companies and if they have nothing available now, you may find that when they do in the future, your’s will be the door that they are knocking on.

Make sure that you have a solid daily routine when looking for a job, and that you stop at nothing to go and get it.