The back to school rush can be more of a battle for a lot of parents. After weeks of laying back, being out in the sun and playing games on iPads, most kids are fairly reluctant to get back into the routine of school. Thankfully, just being at school means you don’t have to bargain with your kids to get off the iPad as a lot of applications now can be used in conjunction with their teacher’s materials to create a rich learning experience. Get the kids ready for school with these essential Apple & Android compatible apps, the best apps for kids heading back to school.

1. Opposite Ocean

Luna and Leo are two magical characters who you must help to find the antonym of specific words to be granted access into the ocean castle.

2. Rocket Speller

This app is recommended by educational professionals everywhere and has been said to set the standard for seeping and phonic learning apps for primary school kids.

3. Star Walk

Become a part of the night sky with this application which teaches kids about space and the stars, planets and constellations that are above us each night. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, available form Harvey Norman, features a huge display with sAMOLED to provide sharp and vibrant visuals to give a deeper and more immersive experience for your little explorers.

4. DoodleSpell

This app has a number of useful features to help your child learn about spelling. With an added bonus of recording weaknesses and strengths in their spelling abilities, parents are able to understand and monitor their child’s development.

5. Vegetable Math Masters

Incorporating two of the most commonly disliked components of math and vegetables; this application is a fun and easy way to get your kids interested in vegetables and to also practise their math skills.

6. Quick Maths

This app gives your child an ‘all-rounder’ revision approach for a range of math functions. You can choose for your child to focus more on varying lessons to tailor it to them specifically.

7. Britannica Kids

Britannica Kids is one of the most renowned and trusted encyclopaedias for primary school kids. This app is fact-checked, safe and easy to understand for your child’s educational needs. Have it ready whenever your child needs it thanks to a compatible smart device. The Apple iPad with Wi-Fi is the perfect back to school accessory that can be used in and out of the classroom. With a weight of less than 500g and an all-day battery life, you can give your kid a whole world of information just at their fingertips!

8. The Human Body

This app allows kids to explore all parts of the human body! Not only does it show the main organs and bones, it also allows a virtual and interaction exploration of the body’s systems.

9. DragonBox Elements

Introduce your kids to geometry and allow them to learn both independently and as a family about the fundamentals of mathematics.


10. Boomerang Parental Control

Stay in control of your kid’s use of technology with the Boomerang App. You hold the power to set limitations on screen time and application access so you can trust your kids will be safe while online.

Educational apps are a great way to complement your children’s schooling. With a huge range of apps that have been approved and recommended by academic professionals, these apps can reinforce and strengthen your kid’s understanding of everything that they learn during their day. Take advantage of these great apps with a compatible smart device to unlock your child’s true potential today.