If you ever find yourself in need of an experienced, talented criminal defense lawyer in NY, it’s well worth calling Joe Tacopina for advice as soon as possible. To discover why Joe Tacopina is such a sought-after attorney, simply continue reading to discover why Tacopina is one of the top-rated lawyers in NY.

Why Joe Tacopina is one of the top criminal defense lawyers in New York:

  1. Tacopina has handled a plethora of high-profile litigation cases

If you’re looking for an experienced lawyer who has won a series of high-profile litigation cases and has a reputation for winning the vast majority of their clients’ cases, it’s well worth getting in contact with Joe Tacopina. As he boasts an incredibly high success rate and should have no trouble winning your litigation case on your behalf. Better yet Tacopina has successfully got a significant portion of his client’s charges dropped and struck from their police records.

  1. Tacopina can handle a wide variety of lawsuits and litigation cases

No matter whether you have been charged with a DUI, a misdemeanor or a felony, Tacopina will be able to handle your case and will give you the best possible chance of having the case against you being dropped. So if you don’t want to serve jail time or pay a steep fee for the crime which you’ve been accused of committing it’s well worth booking a meeting with Joe Tacopina!

In a case which the charge against you is incredibly serious in nature, Tacopina may also be able to organize a reduced sentence. If there is no chance that you’ll be able to have the charges which have been filed against you dropped.

  1. Tacopina is a passionate, intense lawyer who will aggressively defend his clients

When it comes to hiring a criminal defense lawyer, it’s a smart idea to hire a lawyer who isn’t afraid to aggressively defend their clients’ interests. As the last thing you want to do is to hire an attorney who is meek, mild or disinterested when it comes to representing your case. As a jury or judge is far more likely to be influenced and swayed by a passionate lawyer than a lawyer who comes across as reserved and disinterested in their client’s case.

  1. Tacopina boasts endless positive online reviews

It’s also a wise move to hire a talented defense lawyer who boasts a multitude of positive, glowing online reviews and testimonials. As there’s no better way of finding out what it’s actually like to deal with any particular lawyer than to hear from a plethora of their previous clients.

  1. It’s well worth trying to get the charges against you dropped

Why is it worth trying to get Joe Tacopina, to get the legal charges against you struck from your criminal record? If you have a criminal charge on your police record, you’ll find it far harder to get a job in the future and may even be barred from traveling to several countries!

So if you’re in need of the services of a defense lawyer in NY, it’s well worth contacting Joe Tacopina!