If you do any kind of recruiting for your business then you must look into service of My Background Checks. This is a very easy to use and low-cost service which will perform a detailed background check on anyone who you are thinking about hiring for your company. Carrying out a background check on new members of staff is absolutely vital and through the use of a service such as My Background Checks you can do this without it taking any time or energy away from the business. When you perform a check like this, here is some of the key information which you will discover.

Credit History

Part of the background check will give you details about the potential candidate’s credit history. Now of course there are no requirements on candidates in terms of what their credit history should look like in order to get a job but it can give you some information that may influence your decision. For example if the job requires someone to handle money or to look after accounts, you may prefer to choose someone who is at least able to look after their own finances.

Criminal History

Potentially one of the most important pieces of information which the background check will find out for you is the criminal history of the person that you are looking to hire. The choice as to whether or not you want ex-criminals working for you is yours but at the very least you should know this prior to hiring someone. If you hire someone who has a criminal history and you weren’t aware of it because you didn’t do a background check, you could find yourself with problems further on down the road.

Education History

Another check which will be carried out is one that will tell you about the person’s educational history and whether or not they have included some falsehoods into their resume. This is very common practice and instead of helping people to get a job, many actually fail to get the job because the background check of course calls into question their integrity.

Driving History

If you have a position which involves driving vehicles then you will naturally want to ensure that the person has a clean driving license and a positive driving record. To ensure that the candidate does in fact have the positive record and clean driving license that you need, you will have to carry out a background check which will give you vital information about any traffic violations, penalties and driving convictions which people have had in the past. This is a vital check because many people with poor histories that are applying for a driving position, are going to be unlikely to declare their true history.

Make sure that you carry out background checks on all new members of staff in order to protect both yourself and the business.