Source: Unsplash | Mario

Budgeting for a big event could cause a headache. You don’t know which aspect to prioritize. If you splurge on one detail, you might have to sacrifice something else. If you want to come up with a fantastic event without the need to spend a lot, these are some tips to consider.

Avoid fancy dishes

You have a lot of choices for dishes to serve during the event. There’s no need to select expensive and fancy dishes when there are alternatives that still taste great. Besides, people attend the event not just for the food. They come to celebrate with you. Some of them don’t even want to eat because they will look fat in photos. They dressed well to take great pictures, and not to eat fancy meals.

Ensure the number of attendees

It’s easier for you to decide which venue to book or the number of dishes to serve based on the people who RSVP’d. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the final list of confirmed attendees ahead of time. It will also be a waste if most people who promised to come decide not to. Big venues are a lot more expensive than other options, so you should only book those places when you can guarantee the attendees.

Maximize the digital platform

You don’t need to spend a lot on invitations. You can tell people about the details of the event online. If you’re only inviting special people, you can send the invitations through their inboxes. Once the event is over, you can send a special message of thanks online. There’s no need to purchase a souvenir to express your gratitude. You will save a lot of money by following this strategy.

Invest in tight security

If the event involves a lot of people, especially VIPs, you can’t afford to have poor security. You need to check if there are people securing the perimeter of the event venue. Yes, it will cost you more to spend on security, but it’s even more expensive if something bad happens. You may also partner with the local government if necessary.

Look for free performers

If the event needs performers, you can find free performances from people you know. Some people don’t require payment for services. They only want exposure and an opportunity to perform to a lot of people. You can provide food and souvenirs, but saving money on talent fees would be a huge deal.

After doing all these things, you will realize that the event isn’t as expensive as you thought. Even if you want to cut back on some of the costs, you should never go cheap with photography services. You want to capture every aspect of the event, so you want the best people for the job. Stick with experienced and highly qualified photographers. You will regret not having top photographers for the job, especially for an event that won’t happen again.