If you love to ride Powersports vehicles you are not alone. These vehicles include motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, PWCs and other non-traditional motor vehicles that have handlebars and where the rider is mounting on the machine,

Powersports vehicles are highly tuned and use specialized parts to allow them to be so much fun. This also means that they can potentially have lots of breakdowns and can be high maintenance. For this reason you should always seek to purchase a service contract for them.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of Powersports extended service contracts.

Comprehensive Coverage

Powersports vehicles will come with a service warranty that will cover most major parts of the vehicle for a predetermined length of time. If you purchase a good quality vehicle, then while you are under this initial warranty, you can expect that most major issues will be covered. However after the warranty period has expired, your vehicle will be left completely uncovered. This will happen at a time when vehicle breakdowns are more common.

Purchasing a Powersports extended service contract will allow you to cover more parts of your vehicle even during the initial warranty contract. Coverage of those parts can continue long after your initial warranty contract expires. So, an extended service contract can give you more comprehensive coverage.

You Pay No or Low Deductibles

If you purchase a high quality extended service contract for your Powersports vehicle, you can buy a policy that has no deductible for new vehicles, and a low $25 deductible on a used vehicle. This means little or no out of pocket expenses when you need service, repair, or have a breakdown.

Coverage Anywhere

One of the biggest challenges when you have a service contract is locating the service stores that are part of the network to provide the service. In many cases you might be hundreds of miles from an authorized service shop. Extended warranties can give you access to service centers across the country. So no matter where you are and even if you are traveling with your Powersports vehicle, you can find an authorized service center.

The Service Contracts Are Transferable

The Powersports extended service contract that you purchase is tied to the vehicle. Therefore even if you sell or transfer ownership of a Powersports vehicle, the new owner will be a beneficiary of the service contract. With this in mind, you can sell your Powersports vehicle for a higher cost because it includes the service contract.


Your Powersports extended warranty provider can work within standard plan terms or create custom service plans for you. You might have special circumstances relating to your vehicle or the riders that require special considerations. You service plan provider will work with you to create a specific plan that fits your particular needs and then get you the best rate and terms.

If you own a Powersports vehicle you should get yourself an extended service contract to make sure that your service needs are covered.