With a little over four months until Christmas, now is the time to think about starting that ecommerce business you’ve always wanted to build! Not only will your company provide you with a little extra cash for those holiday purchases for friends and family, but you will be providing a service to others. Not a lot of start-up funds available? No problem! With little more than a computer, some time, and a great deal of enthusiasm and energy, you can start a drop shipping business today by following these suggestions.

Find a marketable niche. A niche is a term that you hear a great deal in ecommerce, but nowhere is this more important than in the competitive world of drop shipping. With many types of e-commerce businesses out there, building a successful business will mean finding a way to set yourself apart from the many others looking to engage with your potential consumers. One way to ensure a loyal following is to choose and cater to a specific demographic.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to focus on something you’re passionate about, but it’s also important to be sure that what you want to sell is consistent with what others want to buy. Check out trending products for 2018 and do some research on what parents are buying for their children, what adults want for themselves, and what types of drop shipping companies are currently the most profitable. This will help you streamline your ideas and hone in on the ones that will make you some money.

Develop a business name, brand, and logo, and build your business site. Your website will be your “store,” so be sure to invest the appropriate amount of time, effort, and energy into developing it. At first, inventing your business’s website may appear to be an overwhelming chore, so you may want to use an ecommerce website template that is replete with the many tools, guides, and services that will streamline the process of building your site.

Remember the many important aspects of your online store that should be part of your site. The about us page is often overlooked but is an integral part of introducing the brand to online customers. This page should detail the reasons you launched your business and show what makes you stand out by sharing your interests, passions, and overall vision for your business. Be sure to include information that incites emotion in your readers and explains the mission of your company. Your about us page should include visuals and profiles that will lend confidence that you are real and credible and that you care about your loyal consumers.

Put customer service first. When it comes to online ordering, the shopping cart is an important feature. Manual ordering is too tedious for the modern consumer, and many may lose interest in the product if the prices are listed somewhere separate from the visuals of your product. While you may be concerned about establishing processes that result in cart abandonment, a streamlined checkout system will provide options for customers who may be browsing now and intend to purchase later and will reinforce the idea that you value your consumers’ time.

As a small business owner, you recognize that your consumers will be utilizing a wide range of devices to access your site so you will want to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly and formatted to any size screen. Many websites are mobile-optimized websites automatically so that it can adjust to the type of device your consumer is using and shift the content to provide the optimal experience. And you should always have a method by which your customers can contact you. Add an email, phone, or some other form of contact so that you can address any issues as quickly as possible.

Maintain quality. An important factor in the success and sustainability of any business is quality. While you may get away with a low-quality product one time, you will not inspire the kind of trust that is required for long-term customer satisfaction and repeat consumers. Create a community of enthusiastic consumers who will positively review your product or your company by choosing your products, your drop shipping suppliers, and your methods of payment wisely.

Ultimately, your business brand is your promise to your consumers that you have chosen the best in all areas. Building that brand over time will inspire consumers to return for repurchase and will help to grow your business.

What suggestions do you have for getting a drop shipping company up and running? Please share below.