Dr. Ronald Blum, is an exceptional visionary, figuratively and literally. Being an optometrist is only one small drop in the bucket. He’s made a very large expansion for himself, and his name creating innovative materials to thrust ingenuity to the world of optics. Ronald Blum has over 40 years of experience including clinical, and administrative duties. Before retiring his clinical practices, Dr. Blum was the Director of the Beth Israel Cancer Center and Director of Cancer Centers and Programs, Continuum Cancer Centers of New York, and as a Medical Director, Continuum Hospice Care, in New York, NY. Up until 1996 Dr. Blum was also teaching his efforts as a Professor of Medicine with New York University Medical Centre. He was a deputy director at the NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. All of this has allowed him to be a Founder, CEO, and President of several companies. In 2014 Ronald Blum retired from his clinical practice to focus his time and attention to his evolutionary designs and practices.

With Dr. Blum’s intuitive dreams and ambitions, he has succeeded many feats in the world of optics. Blum has had his name on over 500 patents, often named either as the inventor or co inventor. Ronald Blum is an inventor of many gripping interests to the public. His previous history has given him the ideas to present and make them known world wide. He has over 9 patents that have created such success they were bought out by billion-dollar companies such as Johnson & Johnson. He’s the Founder, and Chief Visionary Officer of PogoTec, INC. He’s also the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of Vision Care Inventing. He also is the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of the Egg Factory, LLC. He is also the Founder of PixelOptics that uses electronics to glasses. PixelOptics is a brand of electronic – focusing eye wear, you hit a button on the side of the glasses to assist each individual person’s sight needs. These are just a few of Dr. Blum’s successes over the years that back his understanding and visions to better optical care.

His dreams have carried into realities. Ronald Blum has put his imaginings to certainties with his innovative understanding. He pushes the envelope consistently, constantly increasing his inventive ideas creating an exceptional name for himself. He is with no doubt a very smart entrepreneur whose innovative ways have provided great opportunities to be shared amongst the world. Ronald Blum has definitely pushed the envelope with his greater knowledge of the optics community. Opening a greater understanding and pushing the limits for other optic inventors consistently. It’ll be interesting to see what Dr. Blum will have in his sights next.