If you leaf through some of the reputation management consultant reviews which you can find online then you will see that the customer testimonials on there are filled out by a wide range of individuals. Many people believe that rep management services exist only to help a business to protect and improve its online image but there is far more to it than just this. They do of course help businesses to this end but that is not all that they can offer their clients. You may very well find yourself in need of these services one day and here are just a few examples of how it may occur.

Wrongful Accusation

Let’s say that you have been accused of assault on someone else, the story grabs the newspaper’s attention and before you know it a simple Google of your name finds nothing but claims of wrongdoing. Even if you are cleared of any guilt this information still exists online, the last thing that you want people thinking about you. In this situation you can enlist the support of a reputation management company who will be able to drown that information in positive content, ensuring that nobody has to read the rubbish written about you.

Guilt By Association

Let’s say that you are in business and you have a partner who operates within the same sector as you do. Now let’s assume that the other company have been found to be defrauding their clients, and you begin to lose business as a result. This is called guilt by association and it is basically like saying that because they did something, as partner you must have done it too. A reputation management company will be able to help you cut all ties with the partner and ensure that people are more than aware that this has nothing to do with you.


So many employers are now using search engines as part of their vetting process when they are reviewing job applicants and this could see you needing a reputation management company. Who knows what embarrassing content there may be about you on social media channels or blogs and that content may not look too good to your prospective employer. A reputation management company can help you to clean up your rep before you apply for that job, instantly boosting your chances of success.


If your business launches a marketing campaign and it has a negative online reputation then all you will be doing is marketing how bad everyone thinks you are. Instead of this you should enlist the support of a reputation management consultant who will be able to help manage and repair that reputation before the marketing strategy begins. There is pointless laughing your campaign until you know that your company is well thought of, otherwise it will be a complete waste of time and money.