Surely, many customers visiting a Facebook Business Page today were able to talk to a bot? They are now widely available and it is undeniably comfortable for both business owners and customers. The bot can make business easier whether the bot is created to help a buyer make a purchase or answer questions to clients or make suggestions to the undecided ones.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot or automated software for messaging purposes. It uses artificial intelligence or AI to communicate with people. A bot is a program designed to understand various questions. It can also provide answers and even do tasks. A bot is a timesaver for customers as they need not download an app just to communicate with a certain business. Waiting for answers from customer service personnel is a thing of the past with chatbots.

Using a Facebook Messenger Bot has two major advantages according to Hootsuite. With FB Messenger Bot the barrier between the business and its target audience is low because it is the world’s third most used app. Another major advantage is the low competition as of today because only a hundredthousand are using chatbot among the millions of advertisers on Facebook.

Below are some of the reasons why businesses need a messenger bot.

24/7 Customer Service

Providing good and fast customer support is important to every business whether it is a local business or an eCommerce store serving the international market. Having a bot is an advantage as it can communicate with clients and help them book your service or purchase your items or pay bills. Many of the known companies are now into chatbot including Sephora, Lego, Bud Light, Whole Foods, and UNICEF to name a few.Even the online gaming industry is now taking advantage of this advancement as one of the speakers during the Riga Gaming Congress discusses the advantage of using chatbots for online casinos like to increase profit and generate leads.

Reach out to the audience directly

Unlike before, customers nowadays have a higher chance of opening a Facebook message than a marketing email. Because the bot is designed for a customer to respond, there is a high chance of them moving down to the sales funnel.

Easy Lead Identification

As the bot starts and greets with customers, it canidentify the customer’s needs by asking basic questions like the budget. In this way, the customer will be directed as a high-quality lead wherein the human sales team will immediately take over.

Execute the process of purchase faster

The bot will have personalized quizzes for shoppers, which is another helpful feature of Facebook Messenger Bot. Through the questions asked in the quiz, it would be easier to make recommendations or find the right product or service for the customer.

One example of a fast purchase process through the chatbot is how LEGO benefit of the feature. LEGO has the FB messenger bot named Ralph the Gift Robot and he will ask the customers questions like who are they shopping for and the age of the recipient. In this way, the perfect product can be recommended. LEGO had an amazing result with the FB Messenger Bot that the company was able to get back their ROI over six times.

Anyone can have a Facebook Messenger bot, even small companies. A personalized question is just what is needed to determine the needs of the customers. For example, if the business is a flower shop, the bot can ask for questions like how they want the flowers arranged, the kind of occasion they customer is having. Hotels can ask questions like the dates of stay of the customer and their room preferences.

Continued Communication with Frequent Customers

The Facebook Messenger Bot also can keep the customers updated with the current whereabouts of the business like a new service, promos, delays on delivery, when the business is closed temporarily and even new blog posts. The bot can keep the customer’s information and keep them updated.

Many businesses are started to enjoy the benefits of using a ChatBot and this will surely be the next big thing.