Let’s admit it – social media has taken over our lives. But that is not the only way to boost our business these days. Before we were all glued to our phone screens, we relied on print media to get our name out there. Although magazines are folding, that does not mean the end of print media. There are other marketing strategies in print form we can use to leverage our business.

Word of mouth

How does this method incorporate print media? An example is through the use of posters, rollerbanners, leaflets, and other outputs. Word of mouth usually involves holding a fête where you get your intended audience together. These glossy and colourful printed infographics are given away to attendees. The content of these materials can be uploaded online, along with photos of the event. Once everything is online, the attendees will talk about it. Soon, they will realise that they are raising awareness of your brand to new customers!

Press release

Not all magazines are gone – some are still thriving today. You can ask them to publish a press release for your business. There are also newspapers that you can reach out to and put your company’s name out there. If neither options are accessible, their online versions are worth giving a try. In short, people still have options to get a press release published these days. Print continues to have a better and wider reach.

Direct marketing

This method is still relevant today, particularly in flyer and brochure form. You can see sales agents handing out these materials to potential clients at the mall every day. They also get to chat with them about what the flyers or brochures contain. You can take the same approach, or you can shake things up a bit. You can improve the content or layout of these materials, or you can change the way you deal with new customers. What remains is that direct marketing continues to have a stronghold in businesses.

Business cards

This is a must for all business owners, but those who do frequent fieldwork should still have theirs. You never know when you’ll be in an event with other business-minded people. Always have copies on hand at all times so you can give them your eye-catching yet informative card. Through this small card, your network grows. People from different industries can contact you if they need your company’s services.

Print advertising

This is the lifeline of magazines still existing in the market today. Like a press release, you can tap into them and the newspapers to run your business’ advertisements. But you should not only focus on getting it in print. Get your advertisement both published online and in print. This is for better leverage and better tracking of your reach.

The power of print lives on. It remains a great help to entrepreneurs to keep afloat in this competitive market. So, make use of it while it’s still an option.