Whether you’ve heard of Peter Zieve due to his lengthy, successful career as a business owner or you’ve heard of Zieve as a political candidate, who is contesting a seat on Seattle’s council, it’s well worth continue reading to discover why Zieve has decided to pursue a political career.

Peter Zieve’s inspirational journey form business owner to politician:

How Peter Zieve established a thriving, successful business:

Peter Zieve built his business empire, which has accumulated a large amount of wealth over the years, by founding his own business, ElectroImpact INC.

ElectroImpact INC has two primary goals. The first of which is to operate a state of the art robotics plant, which utilizes the latest improvements in technology and the second of seeks to develop innovative technologies which will help streamline assembly automation.

As Zieve focused his business on technology, which is one of the fastest developing sectors in the world, it should come as no surprise that ElectroImpact INC quickly grew from strength to strength under Zieve’s guidance.

Why businessman Peter Zieve chose to pursue a second career as a Seattle politician:

You may be curious as to why Peter Zieve, who was born and raised in Mukilteo, chose to pursue a second career as a Seattle politician. The simple answer is that after achieving great success as a businessman, over a period which spanned several decades, Zieve was convinced that he’d be able to use the communication and business skills which he had honed as a business to benefit the general public of Seattle!

As Peter always believed that individuals who are fortunate enough to be in high powered, influential positions in society should try and give back to society in any way which they can.

As a bonus, Peter was also confident that he’d be able to effectively campaign for a spot on Seattle’s local council, as he also had countless years of experience expertly marketing his company ElectroImpact INC. Which made Peter confident that he’d be able to win a spot on Seattle’s hotly contested local council.

How Peter Zieve chose to campaign for a spot on Seattle’s local council:

As Peter Zieve has an endless list of high powered contacts, he was able to organize a meeting with a prominent journalist from the Times, who was able to publish a thought-provoking tale which detailed Peter’s transition from being a successful businessman to a strong political candidate.

What chance does Peter Zieve have of carving out a successful career for himself as a politician:

Peter Zieve is a strong contender for a seat on Seattle’s council as he focused his first political campaign on issues which are important to locals. As examples, Peter is looking to implement policies which will help make sure that Seattle is a safe area for children to commute from their schools to their homes and is keen to organize more community events such as parades and fairs.

Hopefully, after reading the inspirational, motivational story above, you have a keen sense of why Peter Zieve chose to begin a political career, later in life!