Misha Kaura is one of the most inspirational women who I have ever had the pleasure to meet and at a recent business conference she give a brilliant keynote speech about how to be a great leader and what laws and principles you needed to implement in order to become a positive and highly respected leader. What Misha did was really flip this subject on its head, she wasn’t talking about how to act as a leader per se, it wasn’t about the direction that people give or even the structure which they implement, it was about us, the leader, our attitudes and behaviors and the consequences of those actions. Here are some of the highlights of the talk.

The Rewards

Misha spoke at length about the rewards which great leaders can expect and how this should be uppermost in the mind of any leader or entrepreneur. In her mind Misha believes that the role of the leader should be revers engineered and that anyone who wishes to be a leader should think about what success looks like, what a successful team looks like and what a successful business looks like, from there one must work backwards to understand what kind of leader one must be in order to achieve the overall vision of success.

Daily Review

If you ask anyone in the street, a business or even in schools what a great leader should be, they will all be able to tell you about the importance of communication skills, decision making, giving respect, motivating people, inspiring people, being firm and fair and having a forward thinking approach, we all know what a great leader looks like. When it comes to our own leadership abilities then we already know what they should be, it is up to us to highlight which of those desired skills is a weakness, and then how work on that weakness. To do this Misha recommends a morning review, every day looking back on the day before, using those widely known leadership skills as the marker. How well did I lead yesterday? Who did I inspire and how? Did I communicate well? How well did I make that decision? Doing this every day will eventually stamp it into your brain so hard that you’ll begin to do it automatically.

No Ceiling

Another point which Misha was keen to speak about was that there is no ceiling in leadership, you are never a fully accomplished leader and it will be something that you have to work on for the rest of your days. Entrepreneurs and business leaders will get complacent when they believe that they have nothing left to learn, and invariably do. The damage which complacency can have on a business far outweighs the damage that a poor leader can have on a business, some real food for though there from Misha Kaura who left the room speechless after her talk.