Clover has always been innovative in manufacturing the series of products for the storefront owners. Previous clover station was easy to use and fantastic performance. In the series of clover POS systems clover introduced clover station 2.0 with advanced technology. This device has tab like LED screen works tremendously to receive payments from any card. Just swipe any credit card or EMV chip and payment process is complete, as simple as that.

Clover Station 2.0

Previous model of clover station needs additional hardware system to swipe credit card or EMV chip card, this advanced clover station has inbuilt payment receiving machine. You just have to swipe card in the side of attached swipe system. This system gives utmost peace of mind to both customer and store operator, customer is free to bring any payment card. Previous clover station was not suitable for some retail business now advanced clover station has advanced software technology.

Advance Features of Clover Station 2.0

New clover station has latest technology to meet any retail business need. This new clover has large display screen and receives payment faster than previous models. This clover station has customer facing printer display so customer feels very much satisfied after swipe of card. This advance clover has finger print scanning works like other android devices, inventory tracking system is also more sophisticated than before. Advance software allows the management of time sheet more easily than before.

Clover Point OF Sale System

Clover has many inventions for merchant account solution. Clover pos systems are helping retail business owners in many ways. Clover station is helping to receive payment from any payment card. Clover mini is light weight and small POS System receives payment by any card. This device occupies less space than clover station. Clover mobile is another POS System helps to track order, track inventory and receives payment. Clover Flex POS System is small mobile like flexible device. This device allows you to take order and make transaction easily. Clover Go POS System is ideal for concerts, pay at table, and other on-go-business. Easily receives payment from anywhere.

Merchant Account Solution

Clover has been helping merchant account with many helpful devices and software. Credit Card Terminals are Merchant Account Solutions. This device takes your business management to the next level. This device has Secure and Reliable processor to receive any Credit card or Debit card. This device has Wi-Fi and 3G cellular technology with speaker and microphone. Point Of Sale System is a merchant account solution allows the receiving payment, track inventory and time management processor. Many advance software by clover like E-commerce and Quick book. E-Commerce enables to track payment history and stock availability online with the help of your website. This facility makes business handling more convenient. You can open your website from any device.

Quick book is quick access to your password-protected website. You can transfer your data in quick book file. You can keep your sensitive data safe in quick book file, it denies to accept those data which you have already entered. When you use authorize payment gateway it becomes easy to receive payment from same customer without revealing his identity to local server.