I have been working for Mahesh Navani since the very beginning of his software engineering company and throughout that time I have come to know both the man and the entrepreneur very well indeed. Very often people will ask me how Mahesh Navani was able to find the success which he has and beyond the fact that he is incredibly passionate, hard working and intelligent, it is through the risks that he has taken which I believe is why he has managed to find so much success with his company. The growth of the company wasn’t just down to risk taking but the largest steps which the company has taken forward have been thanks to Mahesh taking a gamble. This is an important part of any business as long as it is done in the right way, and here is how to go about it.


Make no mistake, Mahesh Navani is certainly a risk taker but he is no fool and he is not reckless with his decisions. Every risk is strategically weighed up and he has always been this way, spurning the chance of taking a risk if things don’t look or smell the way that they should. Mahesh has a close circle around him of family and friends and I know for a fact that he will always ask for a number of opinions prior to deciding whether or not a risk is worth taking. What I love most about Mahesh is that once he has made up his mind, he will go full steam ahead. I can remember when we only had 3 employees and Mahesh took on a contract which would need at least double that. Mahesh knew this would be a risk but the win was too big and so he and I worked around the clock for 2 weeks solid to handle the order. That client is now one of our longest serving and most profitable.

Accepting Defeat

Mahesh hasn’t always won as a result of the risks which he has taken but it is in the loss which he learns most. Every risk, even those that are well calculated has the potential to go wrong and this is something which you should know before you decide to take the plunge. If you already understand the chances of a decision going wrong then you can start to prepare yourself mentally for it, and for how you will react. I can only recall one occasion where a risk went wrong for Mahesh that was of great importance but he was able to recover very quickly because he already knew that there was the possibility of this kind of outcome, it still hurt but it didn’t break him.

If you are in the world of business and you want to get ahead then you must take risks, you must understand when to take them and when not to and you must learn to live with your action.