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Hoping to spice up your sex life with your partner, but unsure of how to do it? Well, we have the answer for you – and it might not be what you were expecting. The ultimate way to make the magic happen is to start using cannabis. Marijuana has been proven to heighten senses, boost creativity, and even make people more adventurous.

These features are the key ingredients to better, more intense sexual experiences. Canadians have been using this tactic even before recreational weed became legal in October 2018. The smart ones have filled out this application to start growing their own plants at home, which is way more cost effective and allows you to grow the strains you want.

How Marijuana Can Improve Sex

Marijuna has tons of health benefits. It has been proven to treat everything from chronic pain to debilitating depression. It can even help with the common symptoms of cancer. And yes, it can also help with bettering your sex life – as long as you choose the proper strains and dosage.

The main way marijuana can improve sexual experience is by heightening senses. If you’ve ever smoked recreationally or medically, you’ve probably already experienced this. Food tastes better, colors look brighter, and things that aren’t normally funny to you could be hilarious.

Sometimes these heightened senses can lead to thoughts of paranoia, but this depends on the strain you choose and how much you ingest. When you choose the proper strains (we’ll get into that below) and ingest a small amount, your senses will be optimized to their fullest potential – in and out of the bedroom.

Tips for Using Weed for a Better Sex Life

The first tip is to remember that less is more. If you’re using cannabis for the purpose of better sex, ingesting it in low doses is much more effective. You can try out a few different methods, but if you’ve never smoked before try to avoid high THC strains.

Another tip is to focus on the strain you choose and avoid strains meant for treatment of intense pain. Instead of heightening the senses, a strain meant for pain treatment could dull them. Your best bet is to try microdosing with edibles that contain 2.5mg or lower.

The Best Strains for Improved Sexual Experiences

As we’ve already mentioned, certain strains are better for improving sex than others. It also depends on the sexual experience you’re hoping for. Is passionate lovemaking on your agenda, or are you and your partner in the mood for something a bit more adventurous? Depending on your preferences, here are the top strains for better sex:

  • JillyBean for creativity in bed
  • Harlequin for early morning pleasure
  • Sour Diesel for lustful lovemaking
  • Bubblegum Kush for passionate lovemaking

Is Growing Your Own Weed Worth It?

If you want to start using cannabis only for your sex life, then no, it might not be worth it. But if you want to reap all of the benefits of marijuana, then absolutely. Growing your own weed means you get to pick and choose the strains you want and never have to pay high dispensary prices.

The best way for Canadians to do this is by investing in a Health Canada personal use production license, also known as the ACMPR license to grow. Leveraging Canada’s ACMPR program is the best thing you can do for your sex life, but also for improving other aspects of your overall health and wellbeing.