Fox hunting is a royal and traditional sport that is popular all over the world comma although it was first started by the British. Live fox hunting, fox hounds are trained in order to lure the foxes out of their hiding places and chase them; and the hunters, who ride horses, follow these hounds. While a controversial sport, James P DeVellis has long been fascinated by it.

James P DeVellis on Fox Hunting

One of the problems with fox hunting is that it has come under a lot of fire and controversy, particularly in Britain. In fact, Britain is one of the few countries where the traditional form of fox hunting is still performed. Most other countries use slip hunting, which means the dogs follow a trail of scent left by a slip dipped in fox smells. The local farmers who support fox hunting say they give up their land voluntarily because the fox destroys their grounds and causes potential dangers for their livestock. Those against fox hunting have made allegations of misconduct against the hunters, suggesting it is a cruel sport that also and dangerous other animals.

James P DeVellis feels that Boston has always had a close tie to the British, which is one of the reasons why he is so interested in fox hunting and why he has no interest in getting involved in the pro and con debate. In most countries, fox hunting is no longer about killing the fox but rather about chasing it into the ground. It is about enjoying the chase without harming an animal. There have been awful stories of cruel punishments of the fox, including killing them with a spade and driving them to exhaustion and this is not something anybody should sign up to.

Fox hunting, when done properly, can be an enjoyable and thrilling sport. Galloping through Fields on horseback, jumping over creeks and bushes, following a pack of barking hounds comma is something that everyone should experience. At the end of the hunt, the hounds can be given a piece of meat to shred, meaning no real foxes are harmed during the sport. At the same time, the huntsmen can enjoy a drop of port or sherry, which is traditional, while also enjoying the sounds of the huntsman’s horns, which takes considerable skill to be able to play.

This country is one that has hunted for thousands of years. People regularly go deer hunting at bear hunting and fishing is almost a national sport. Fox hunting is seen solely in a few of the previous British states and it is going through some sort of a revival. Thankfully, however, it appears to be one of the hunting sports in this country that does not involve actually killing an animal. Instead, it is about enjoying the skill of the riders, that of the dog trainers, and the companionship of riding together as a pack. That is something to be celebrated at all times, particularly if no animals are harmed in the process.