According to Jack Elway, there is no sport that invokes more passion than college football. That passion is found in the players themselves, in prospective players, in the coaches, in the scouts, and most of all in the fans. Indeed, it seems people are a lot more passionate about college football than about the NFL, even if the NFL gets more viewers. In fact, the only reason why the NFL gets more viewers is because they have bigger budgets and are professionals, i.e. the players get paid. So why is there so much passion involved with college football?

Jack Elway’s Reasons for College Football Passion

  1. With college football, truly every game matters. Losing just one game means the national championships are almost out of reach in an instant.
  2. The rivalries between college football teams are huge and people carry this with them for life.
  3. There is a lot of emotion involved with college football, and the entire campus gets on board with that. Before matches, there is a true buzz of excitement felt.
  4. The announcements of where college football teams will rank each year is incredibly tense and unpredictable.
  5. There is a tradition involved with college football, including rituals, marching bands, tailgating events, and more. These traditions date back many decades.
  6. There is a real loyalty towards the college team. The players are representatives of the whole school and they are respected and loved for that.
  7. It’s not about the money. College football kids play because they love the game and they love their school (and because they hope to go pro afterwards, of course). They don’t get paid for playing, however.
  8. The players are still young, being college kids. Young people are always more enthusiastic about things.
  9. The stadiums are so much fun. The Orange Bowl, the Rose Bowl, the Happy Valley’s Beaver Stadium, the Swamp, Touchdown Jesus – all things that cannot be found in the professional leagues.
  10. There are lots more games each year than what there is in the NFL or the NBA.
  11. The mascots are absolutely amazing! Did you know that Fielding Yost, for instance, once brought in actual live wolverines? This was back in 1927 and things clearly started to go wrong when the animals turned out to be quite ferocious, but that is the type of passion that only college football teams can have.
  12. College football is a lot more creative in every element of the game, from how players play to how the audience looks.
  13. The walk-ons are fantastic and people keep talking about them for years.
  14. The trophies are amazing and take up pride of place in the college hallways, where they remain for life.
  15. College football is both affordable and accessible.
  16. The yearly Heisman Trophy is something that the whole country looks forward to.

These are just 16 reasons why college football is arguably so much better than professional football and certainly more passionate. Anyone who has been to college knows how important college football is, and the role it will forever play in their lives.