The construction industry provides an incredible amount of jobs all across the world, and its number continues to grow. The unfortunate thing is that it is also among the top industries that record the highest amounts of accidents and deaths in any year. There are many different kinds of tradesmen dotted all around construction sites and even though there are many health and safety procedures in place, human error accounts for many of the incidents.

Some employers pay lip service to the notion of health and safety in the workplace and although they do make their workers aware of the rules and regulations, they don’t push hard enough to drum the importance of safety while working. Many people who work on building sites have been subcontracted and so they have not been vetted on what they understand about the health and safety rules and so they are ignored.

It is essential that every contractor and sub contractor use the services of HR support for construction companies in the UK or wherever you are in the world, to ensure that you are able to get people who will be well versed in health and safety procedures. The following are just some of the many ways that you can keep your workers safe on any construction site.

  • The Right Protective Gear – Accidents and even deaths occur because people are not wearing the right kind of footwear or headgear. It is essential that the correct personal protective equipment is worn at all times because it could be the difference between an injury and death. You as the employer should be providing your employees with the appropriate PPE for the kind of work that is being carried out.
  • Provision & Maintenance Of Scaffolding – If you were to take the time to talk to the many professional health and safety consultants, such as the UK health and safety consultants from Avensure, then many would tell you that scaffolding needs to be erected and it should be on stable, solid ground. Many accidents happen as a consequence of low maintenance and repairs of scaffolding not been done in the proper manner.
  • Health & Safety Training – If you own a small contracting business, then you know and understand that your workers are operating in high risk environments. It is essential that they have the correct health and safety training. They need to be aware of all of the risks that are associated with working on a building site and the various pieces of machinery and equipment that are used.

Any construction site should always have clear signage highlighting any dangers that are there; these signs are a very cost-effective way of reducing accidents on the job. All tools and equipment should be checked on a regular basis and repairs made when known. One thing that is frequently overlooked is the proper communication on every work site. All of your workers need to be able to communicate with each other effectively so that they can make their working day safer and they can tell each other about any accidents that have occurred.