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Ahrefs is one of the most popular search engine optimization tools of our time. Ahrefs is an amazing tool for determining keywords, but signing up for a membership gets you more than just keyword lists. The company serves as the ultimate tool for developing a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Ahrefs even offers helpful advice to non-techy company owners looking to boost their search engine rankings. The creators and developers at Ahrefs understand how difficult ranking a web page can be, which is why they offer tons of helpful advice through their online portal. If you’re having difficulty ranking your website or you’re hoping for that #1 spot on Google results, consider using Ahrefs. According to Ahrefs, here are a few helpful pointers to get started on SEO.

The 2 Main Components of Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a website or specific webpage has two main components. The first is content, and the second is linking. When developing content, it is important to focus on things like value, engagement, and readability. There are two main types of content: informational and commercial.

What is Informational Content for SEO?

Informational content refers to things like blog posts and other interactive articles where the reader can gather information. This is quite literally where the reader is looking for a specific piece of information. If you fail to create informational content that is filled with value and helpful info, your ranking will suffer.

What is Commercial Content for SEO?

Commercial content, on the other hand, is specifically designed to make money. This refers to things like online store pages of ecommerce sites or business landing pages. Ahrefs says that “generally speaking, people don’t want to link to commercial content like sales pages. Those have little to no value for their audience.”

The Basics of Linking for SEO

Linking refers to internal linking, external linking, and backlinking. Linking properly is the tricky part of developing a killer search engine optimization strategy. Shockingly enough, it’s much more difficult to understand proper linking techniques than it is to create thought-provoking original content.

According to Ahrefs, “because people usually link to informational content, it’s difficult to get enough external backlinks to your ‘money’ pages to rank.” Just as we mentioned before, linking to commercial content doesn’t really make sense. Readers aren’t interested in commercial pages, since much more often than not they are in search of information.

No matter what you hear, try not to underestimate the power of backlinking. Backlinking, also known as authority linking, is the main way to gain authority in the eyes of Google. Generally speaking, the more links found on the world wide web directing to your website and the pages contained within it, the more authority you have. At least according to Google.

Google uses special algorithms to consider every single webpage on the internet in order to determine its ranking. If you focus on all of the above criteria – informational content, commercial content, and linking – ranking in the #1 Google spot is entirely possible.