Many interviews for CPA jobs in Los Angeles are conducted over telecommunications platforms such as Skype, and these platforms remain important in 2018. They offer a host of benefits for both companies and candidates, allowing both to chat with each other in live time and to get an in-depth look at what the other offers while also realizing time and efficiency savings. For example, a candidate does not have to fly out to interview or to fight traffic, and companies can conduct shorter interviews with more candidates if they want.

However, other platforms such as FaceTime and Google Hangouts still provide Skype with robust competition, and old-fashioned methods such as using staffing agencies prove that companies and job candidates can use other time-saving methods to good measure.

How candidates can prepare

If you’re tapped for a Skype job interview, you should already be prepared. That is, you should have Skype installed on your device of choice and have experience using it. You should also have conducted at least a few mock interviews on Skype so you can better deal with issues such as lagging video or frozen screens.

To be sure, Skype may mean that you get even more job interviews than you hoped for. After all, a company may no longer have to fly a larger pool of candidates out for in-person interviews. However, staffing agencies are an often-underused way to land many job interviews.

Staffing agencies may be able to help you

Companies love staffing agencies because the agencies find and vet candidates themselves, conducting background checks and reference contacts, for example. That allows company managers to use their time more efficiently. It also saves candidates time because once they have been vetted and accepted into a certain recruiting agency, they have access to quite a few opportunities. Even then, some staffing agencies may use platforms such as Skype to assess candidates and get a feel of what type of body language they project.

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