We’ve all been there – at the beginning of our adulthood wondering what we should decide to go into as a career and how to get there. While we might get pressured by people like parents, grandparents and friends to go into fields like education, medicine or science we may not truly be interested in those routes and be actually more keen to pursue more eclectic careers or trades. These days with so many different ways to spend your working life in roles that only a decade ago seemed far fetched and like it was for only the truly lucky, you too can enjoy a career that is far more fulfilling and not follow the same paths as many before. Here is a roundup of a couple unique careers you might want to consider.

Yoga Teacher

A hugely popular option these days, yoga teachers can be trained in a number of schools of yoga from hatha to sivananda to kundalini to Iyengar. Each school of yoga features different poses, mudras, breathing techniques and more and can likewise help you with different ailments of the body, joints and soul. Training can be intensive and can be done at local (or international) independent schools. Many actually travel to India to train with yogi gurus at yoga retreats to become teachers. This is a great way to actually make money while travelling as well due to the fact that yoga is both in high demand as well as easily moved and taught all over the world, in almost any space.

Ayurvedic Healer

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing practice that incorporates the use of proper nutrition for body types as well as herbs and massage to balance the body and its ailments. An Ayurvedic healer can help point you in the right direction regarding diet as well as providing hands on healing through massage and the like to help balance your body to be the best version of itself it can. Many practitioners of ayurveda do things such as drink turmeric milk for its healing properties, amongst other things.

Online Reviewer

These days reviews are a huge help in getting and retaining customers for almost every business of every kind. So much so that some businesses will actually pay people to create fake reviews for their company, products, services and more. While this sounds innocent in theory it can actually give the impression that a company is above standard when really they aren’t. Regardless, online reviewing is a popular way for many people to get some extra side cash, if a little unethical and sketchy.

‘White Hat’ Hacker

A ‘white hat’ hacker is known as a ‘beneficial hacker’. It might sound to refer to a hacker as good, but these guys actually work with companies of all kinds to purposely break into their security systems online and off to try and identify potential loopholes that could be misused by people that aren’t quite so reputable. These types of hackers will also suggest security amendments to better protect companies from unscrupulous web users.

Pet Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicinal system whereby small needles are inserted into the skin and sometimes lit on fire to stimulate different areas of the body. Acupuncture has been proven to help with a number of ailments from headaches, back aches, infertility, chronic pain (of all kinds) as well as allergies. A pet or veterinary acupuncturist provides this same service but for pets to help with nervousness, bone or joint pain and even social issues.

So there you have some interesting and perhaps unusual career or job choices you may not have considered before. Which will you choose, or do you want to go traditional? Either way, looking for the career that fits you is an exciting time and can help you really begin to understand yourself.