The foundation of your business is centered around its IT infrastructure and managing on your own is not easy. This was an issue which my business here in Florida struggled with for many years and we made the decision 2 years ago to outsource this area of the business to a local company called Cisco Abaram. There was a lot of uncertainty at the time, as to whether or not we should spend money on this but it turned out to be the smartest decision which we have made. If you are struggling with managing your IT infrastructure, here are some key reasons why you should probably outsource it.

Swift Deployment

We need an IT infrastructure which can be changed quickly in order to keep in line with company approach and with the changing face of technology. Let’s say for instance that your company plans to change its strategy around content from text to video, or perhaps even podcasts, you will have to have a different IT strategy in order to achieve this, given the greater requirement for bandwidth. Doing this alone could take an age whereas having an IT distributor on board will ensure that you can change over in a heartbeat.

24/7 Support

Should something go wrong with the network hardware or the software in your business then there is a real urgency to get this resolved as soon as possible. Issues cost money and downtime which businesses cannot afford. If you are able to outsource your IT infrastructure however then you can depend on 24/7 support and a speedy response to any issues with arise.


Ultimately we have to remember that companies which deliver IT infrastructure distribution are experts in what they do, they will be able to deploy the highest quality IT build within your workplace which is tailor-made for your company’s needs. An in-house build is very rarely as good as what can be provided by another company, and that quality is what leads to less faults and issues, and higher speed when it comes to getting things done.

Scalable Infrastructure

As your business grows you need IT infrastructure which grows with it, if you have been managing your own IT issues in the business then this is going to be challenging and potentially expensive. When you outsource this area of your business however you can rely on a company which can easily sale you up or down depending on your needs. Whether this is hosting more servers, increasing the capacity of the network or any other needs which you have as a result of your business’ growth, this can be done easily and quickly by the experts who you have hired to manage your IT infrastructure.

This is a decision which will speed up your operations and ultimately one which will save you both time and money, both vitally important factors to consider when running a business.