Anyone was interested in getting involved in politics and changing their community for the better may want to consider running for there town’s local political office. Another option would be to join the police force, but that is reserved for those who can make it through the Academy and who believes bettering their community is done through lol enforcement only. Not really, there is a place for both and for a variety of other things that improve the community as well. However, for Christopher Halajian,  going head to head with candidates in local elections is the preferred method.

Christopher Halajian on Winning Elections

There isn’t just a singular route to winning an election. It all starts with doing a lot of research. You must start by getting to know your community. In a town like Southold for instance, there are problems with drink driving particularly around a certain route.  By contrast, in a town like Mattiuck, there are issues surrounding anti-social behaviour particularly on Monday.  Because winning an election starts with having a message that people sign up to, gaining an understanding of the particular issues that affect the community has to be the starting point.

Naturally, the potential candidate also has to learn the different aspects of local politics. For instance, they may run for a town, a district, a neighborhood, Residents Association, and so on.  All of these types of elections have to follow different rules and regulations and you must understand them. Hence, you have to determine which position you would want to have in order to  make a true impact.

To choose your elected position, you first have to take a look at yourself period what skills do you have? What kind of interests and experience can you bring to the table?  This skill sets is what you will use to serve your community also need to think about whether you want to do that at state level, City level, County level, and so on.

The next big thing to consider, unfortunately, is finances. Running a political campaign is surprisingly expensive. There are two options to consider. The first is to get financial backing from a lobbying organisation. While this means you will have access to a significant amount of funds, it also means that you will have to follow they are political direction. The other option is to fund things yourself. For most people, this means doing almost all the hard work and legwork yourself as well, as this will keep the costs down.

There are numerous other things to take into consideration. However if you have your political Direction in mind and you know how you will pay for things, then you are halfway there. Most of all, don’t forget to believe in yourself and remember that you are doing something truly great for the community in which you live. It is through politics that you have a chance to really make a difference, although it is also an often frustrating experience because things move slowly.