Arnon Dror holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and finance, a Masters in Microeconomics and an MBA in Finance from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. He has worked in various capacities for companies such as Xerox, Kodak, Creo, Presstek and Scitex.

Currently, he is the Senior Operations Executive at Janus Technologies, a strategic consultancy and IT solutions provider. His principal areas of expertise include finance and strategy, financial and business modeling, change management, IT systems and technology, complex deal structuring, negotiation, supply chain optimization, turnarounds and mergers, cash flow management, internal controls and ERP Integration.

His management style as a senior executive show his ability to lead cross-functionality at a global level. He is strong in identifying clear actions that optimize operational efficiency. His steady technical analysis and outstanding financial skills make him stand out. His experience in finance and operations give him a strong vision for impact on both the customer and sales side of the business.

In just 3 years at Kodak, Arnon transformed the business and achieved great financial success for the $9B company. As the director of worldwide channel management at Kodak he implemented improvements in profitability that produced $40M in gains, and improvements in revenue with gains of 90M.

His skills in inventory management enabled him to reduce Kodak’s inventory levels by $80M by innovating an effective inventory strategy.

As vice president and Chief Financial Officer at Presstek Inc, Arnon averted a decline of the firm into bankruptcy by pumping in fresh capital. He also led all marketing efforts and due diligence as well as negotiations towards the process of selling Presstek to a private equity firm for a 20% premium.

Arnon was also able to achieve exceptional financial management results at Presstek when he reduced the debt net of cash of the provider of digital printing solutions by $4M. He introduced reporting requirements, targeted training aimed at reducing working capital and implemented effective cost controls. In just two years working with Presstek, the company was restored to full compliance with respect to NASDAQ’s reporting requirements for the first time in years.

Arnon is an established figurehead and trusted advisor to company leadership with authority in analyzing and presenting solutions as well as providing strategic recommendations for complex problems. His experience in effective operations management is marked by his achievements in optimizing business processes, global business systems and supply chain management across the companies with which he has worked.

Mr. Dror loves technology and has a particular interest in the newest technological developments. He is passionate about helping businesses realize their revenue and performance targets, as evidenced by his great performance as a finance expert. He is involved in the printing industry, real estate investments and cybersecurity.

Arnon credits his success to the education he was able to achieve, especially at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he is a supporter. He believes in giving others the opportunity to get the education he was able to get.

Currently residing in Boston, Mr. Arnon is also a fan of the Boston Celtics and New England Patriots.