If you play video games, then no doubt you’ve amassed a large backlog. We here at TheBingoOnline.com can empathize.

It can be daunting and depressing. It can make playing video games feel more like a chore than an activity you do for fun.

There are a few simple ways that you can adjust to making your video game backlog manageable.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by your massive game list, take a read.

#5) Stay offline of Steam and other online stores

Steam is a place designed to encourage impulse buying. Checking it to often will lead to more cheap purchases and more games to play.

Steam depends on this as a business practice and uses it to prey on more impulsive gamers.

If you take Steam away from your immediate sight, you’re removing temptation. You’ll be able to play games without always thinking about the next game.

By not going off steam, you’ll be able to control your purchasing habits while you whittle down your backlog.

4) Prioritize

Make a list and look at what you want to play the most, as well as what you aren’t even sure what you’re going to play.

This list can make the massive stack you have to feel far more manageable if you think about them in terms of what you’re actually interested in.

Which brings us to the next point…?

#3) Sell games you don’t care about

I know you bought it. I know you didn’t play it, and would get less than you paid for it.

So what? That doesn’t mean you’re married to it.

If the game is causing you stress from sitting there being unplayed, then why keep it? It’s better gone.

#2) Realize you don’t have to finish games you don’t like

Many people will sit through a game they hate just because they bought it, or because everyone else likes it, or even because they already spent a lot of time on it.

The sunken cost fallacy keeps people stuck in games they hate. If something isn’t fun don’t play it.

It might seem like that previous time you spent is wasted, but it’s far more of a waste of time to keep playing a game you hate.

Drop it, leave it behind, and focus on games that would be way more fun to play.

#1) Just accept it

The idea of playing, reading or watching everything has always been laughable. It’s more so in our era of constantly available media.

A healthy attitude towards gaming means you need to realize what is in your grasp. Trying to play every game ever will just drive you mad.

This even applies to games you’ve played. With games that can be as little as a dollar, you need to accept you might forget things.

This doesn’t make you wasteful, or a bad person or gamer. It just means you’re human and have an abundance of media.

Sometimes, it’s just best to realize that this may well be one of the many games that you will never play. And that’s fine.

It can be easy to be paralyzed by your huge game library. You might even deny yourself other activities because you feel like you need to beat all your games.

It might be a good deal of work to fight off the more impulsive urges. But rethinking your habits you can give less thought to your backlog and more to the game you’re currently enjoying.

With a more healthy attitude towards video games, you can reclaim some of the joy that you had when you were initially playing games.