It seems like everyone dreams of living out their 15 minutes of fame on YouTube. Read here to learn the 5 things the best YouTube videos all have.

YouTube videos are big business these days. In 2017, the ten highest earning YouTubers all brought in more that $10 million from their respective channels.

But the average YouTuber will only earn a tiny fraction of that, if anything at all. So what is it that separates the top earners from the majority?

Building the Best YouTube Videos

There is no secret formula to becoming a YouTube success to story, but there are a few key items that we can single out. They won’t guarantee a success on their own, but all the best videos tend to have them.


Success on YouTube means generating buzz and getting noticed. With thousands of hours of footage uploaded every day, you need the mentality of an old-timey carnival barker.

How you do this depends on what kind of videos you’re making. A popular tactic is to piggyback off of the popularity of other videos. Video responses, reaction videos, and the like are all time-honored ways of inserting yourself into the same sphere of publicity as more established producers.

A Connection with Viewers

Once you start accumulating viewers, you need to ensure that they keep coming back to the channel. This means formulating a connection with them.

A good way to do this is to give your viewers input into what content you create. At the end of one video, ask your viewers to let you know in the comments what topics you want future videos to cover. Then give shout outs to viewers when you use their suggestions.

It makes viewers feel included, and therefore more invested in your channel. And because of the way YouTube’s analytics work, the extra comments will help your videos climb towards the top of search results.


You’ll struggle to forge a connection however, if all you bring to the table is a flat monotone and deadpan delivery. But it’s also important not to overthink this point. If you come across as artificial, that will be just as great a turn-off as if you had no personality at all.

Ideally, you’ll be making videos about something you’re at least somewhat passionate about.

Embrace that passion and let it come through in you videos. Your viewers will sense and appreciate your energy and authenticity.

Visual Flair

Of course, a tremendous aspect to cultivating a personality is in the visuals. Just pointing a camera at your face will give your viewers the impression that they’re eavesdropping on someone’s Skype conversation, and that’s just not comfortable for anybody.

If you’re gifted at visual effects, then this should be simple enough. But not to worry if you’re not and don’t have the time to learn. It’s quick, easy and economic to just buy pre-made packages of videos.

Production Value

In the early days of YouTube, it was common and acceptable to put out amateurish content. But with professional content creators becoming the norm, that just doesn’t fly anymore. Given the choice, viewers will always go for the video with the higher production value.

That said, you don’t need to drop a fortune to produce professional looking content. Simply knowing how to make the most out of the equipment you have can make a world of difference.

And a few bells and whistles never hurt.

Learning how to make a YouTube intro is a good place to start. Viewers will decide in a matter of moments whether they want to watch your video, or any of your other content. A snappy intro can help hook them early.

Start Rolling

Ultimately, making great YouTube videos is going to require a lot of trial and error. Don’t lose heart if you don’t become an overnight sensation. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

That said, you can always hedge the odds in your favor. Pligg can help you get an edge over the competition. With our huge libraries of video, music, and artwork, you’ll have an instant advantage over every would-be celebrity with a webcam.