Employers don’t just want to keep employees happy—they have to. This is especially true of employees who frequently travel. Employees who do a lot of corporate traveling can easily become frustrated if they don’t have the optimal processes and tools in place to make their job easier.

One thing that any company with traveling employees should ensure they offer is mobile expense reporting.

The following are five of the big reasons employees love mobile expense reporting, and why it’s a good investment for any business as a result.

Eliminate Paper Receipts

The last thing any employee wants to do is keep up with a ton of paper receipts. They want to focus on what they’re traveling to do, and if they lose receipts, it can cause issues as they’re filling out expense reports.

Then, even if they do manage to keep up with all of their paper receipts, they have to go through the process of inputting all the numbers.

With mobile expense reporting, all of this hassle is cut out of the equation. Employees can utilize automated credit card integration tools, as well as features that let them take photos of receipts and submit them directly. A modern mobile expense reporting platform should also feature advanced features like optical character recognition.

Ease Compliance Concerns

Sometimes expense report errors happen because an employee isn’t aware of the rules.

With mobile expense reporting, it’s much easier to set the rules for compliance, and then employees don’t have to worry about making sure they’re following them. It’s all automated, and parameters are set for them, removing the burden from them.

Faster Reimbursements

One thing that most employees will tell you they hate most about expense reports and business travel, in general, is the slow process for their reimbursements. It doesn’t take too many slow reimbursements for employees to start to become frustrated to the point that it affects their productivity.

Automated expense solutions, including mobile expense tools, allow for a much faster turnaround time throughout the entire reimbursement process. There’s no need to take the additional time and effort required to go through and manually review and approve hard copy expense reports. Employees can be reimbursed for their credit card charges and out-of-pocket expenses sometimes even while they’re still traveling.


When an employee is traveling, they need flexibility in terms of not just capturing and submitting receipts but also things like managing their mileage and cash expenditures. All of this can easily be done on a mobile device, and the home office has the benefit of being able to see exactly what’s happening, even while the employee is still away.


As an employer, you likely enjoy visibility into travel and expense costs, but your employees want that visibility as well. They want to be able to see what they’re spending so they can feel like they’re proactively managing it. It takes a lot of worry off their shoulders to know that they’re keeping up with things as they should be using their mobile device.

All of these benefits free up employees to focus on why they’re traveling in the first place, rather than outdated and time-consuming expense management processes.