The overhead doors for your warehouse or production facility require careful selection. The right type of door provides protection for whatever is inside and also makes it easier to haul goods in and out of the building. If you are in the market for a new Barmac garage door, evaluate all your options and choose wisely. Use these four tips and you will be well on the way to selecting a door that serves you well for years.

Choose the Right Material

You already know that it’s possible to select doors in vinyl, wood, or metal. When you begin to evaluate commercial door collections, focus your attention on manufacturers that provide steel doors. The better manufacturers will use 16, 20, or 24 gauge steel for the door design. You’ll find standard doors that will fit most openings, but you can also order a custom door if needed.

Should the Door Be Insulated?

Seriously consider opting for an insulated Barmac garage door rather than one that has no insulation. It’s not just a matter of providing more protection from the heat and cold, although that would be reason enough. Insulated garage doors also minimize humidity penetration into the interior. That helps to reduce the potential for mold to develop inside. That insulation will also help fill in tiny gaps that would otherwise allow more air seepage into the space.

Settling on the Finish

Choosing the right finish is also important. The best-case scenario is a garage door that requires little in the way of cosmetic upkeep. You can achieve that by focusing on commercial door collections that include polyester paint finishes that are baked on the door materials. This creates a tough shell on the door, reduces scratches, and ensures the door looks better for more years.

Remember that the finish can be just about any color you like. Pick up one of the primary colors in your company logo as a way to tie the door in with the rest of the facility. Some manufacturers will even arrange to add your logo to the finish if you like.

Don’t Forget the Weather Seal

A weather seal along the bottom of a Barmac garage door is also something you want to consider closely. As the name implies, the seal provides another layer of protection for whatever is inside the building. Working in tandem with the insulation and the choice for the door material, the seal helps to minimize air seepage, provides greater control of the indoor temperature and humidity level, and will even help in terms of preventing water penetration. If you have an irregular floor around the door frame, the seal is especially helpful in terms of preventing more air seepage.

Prepare a list of the qualities you want that new commercial garage door to provide. Focus your attention on commercial door collections that include all those qualities. It won’t take long to find several designs that would work. With the aid of a contractor, you can settle on the best one and have it in place in no time.

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