Everyone likes to be awarded, but some awards are just strange. Check out these 12 weird awards that you will be amazed actually exist.

Are you the person who never wins raffles? Do you still feel some sort of way about losing the “Best Hair” or “Best Dressed” superlative in high school?

As much of a bummer as these things may be, it could be worse. Imagine winning an award for writing the worst intimate story in a fictional book, or just for putting your foot in your mouth (figuratively, of course). These are just two weird awards people actually win every year!

If you’re interested in finding out more odd “accomplishments” people get recognized for, check out the twelve awards listed below.

1. The Stella

Think of the last Judge Judy episode you watched or just something ridiculous you saw on the news. Many of these situations often end up in lawsuits that are worth laughing at. The most noteworthy, ridiculous ones each year receive the Stella Award.

The Stellas are for claims filed against big-time corporations by an individual or small group.

This award got its name from Stella Liebeck, who tried to sue McDonald’s after getting third-degree burns from a spilled cup of coffee – which she spilled herself.

2. The Pigasus

There are weird awards for crazy lawsuits about things that actually happened, then there are out-there claims from people who think they have encountered some sort of paranormal activity.

That’s what the Pigasus Awards are for.

Each year, the award is given out to the wildest accounts of existential encounters. Whether you believe in such activity or not, there are some things that are just too ridiculous to pass as true.

3. The Bent Spoon

The Pigasus was started by an American skeptic in the 1900s, and tends to be given out to Americans. Australians have their own version of paranormal weird awards, called the Bent Spoon.

It’s very similar in nature – an award given to the person with a particularly odd story of interactions with another power. The award is actually made to be in the shape of a bent spoon, a popular trick that many who claim to be in tune with psychic powers attempt.

4. The Merlin

Some amateur magicians graduate from attempting card tricks and “bent spoons” to amazing accomplishments. Those who pull them off get the Merlin.

Of all the weird awards, this is arguably one worth trying to win. It’s kind of like the “Best of Show” or “Most Honorable” recognition for a magician to win within a year.

The award is given out by the International Magician’s Society, and winners include popular performers like Criss Angel and Lu Chen to partners like Penn/Teller and Siegfried/Roy.

5. The Darwin

Every great, daring magician knows there are certain risks associated with some tricks, and many risk their lives as they try to win a crowd. Then, there are average everyday people who just risk their life doing something stupid.

When this results in death, the Darwin Award is given out. The whole concept is pretty ironic – celebrating a person’s accidental stupid death, with an award named after the man who came up with survival of the fittest.

Some would say the worst part, though, is that this category of weird awards can’t even be accepted by the winners!

6. The Shorty

On the other end of the intelligence scale from people who die in idiotic ways are people with amazing one-liners. You know, these are people in your friend group who can always think of a quick joke on the spot or have something witty to say.

Those who take their talents to Twitter may end up with a Shorty Award. This is the prize given out to amazing, noteworthy tweets that are outright hysterical. You’ve likely seen one or two of these statements yourself – who knew there was a whole group of weird awards just for them?

7. The Diagram Prize

Sometimes, one-liners completely miss the mark. When it’s in the form of a book title that makes no sense, the Diagram Prize is given out. Get it, because you have to work hard to solve what the title is supposed to mean!

It may not be the most genius of weird awards, but when a person comes up with a title like “The Joy of Chickens” or “The Commuter Pig Keeper“, what can you expect?

8. The Golden Raspberry

If you’re more into watching movies than reading books, you likely watch the Oscars every year. Maybe you’re a big fan of using Rotten Tomatoes, too.

While Rotten Tomatoes help movie-lovers decide which great movies are worth watching, the Golden Raspberry Awards are given out to movies and actors with particularly bad performances. These are a spin-off of the Oscars.

Every year, plenty of Golden Raspberries are given out for “Worst Movie of the Year” or “Worst Performance by a Male/Female Actor.”

9. The Golden Collar

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about which movies suck and which are amazing. A subject most people can agree on, though, is the love of dogs and great dog videos.

When dogs make it to the big-leagues, they may be in the running to win a Golden Collar. This is the award for best canine actors. Think of it as a celebration for the cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua or the lovable four-legged stars of movies like Air Bud and the Beethoven series.

10. Food Photographer of the Year

Food is another thing most people love. Do you have a friend who always has to take a picture of their meal, or know someone who has a popular foodgram?

They may be in the running to win Food Photographer of the Year. That’s right, this millennial trend has gone from simple social media snaps to a whole category of weird awards. Who knows, someone in your close circle may end up being a winner one day!

11. Odor Eaters Rotten Sneakers

You’ve heard of sports card collectors and unique coin collectors (and you can click to learn more about special coins). But, more interestingly, there’s a contest for people who keep their smelliest pair of shoes. It’s called the Odor Eaters Rotten Sneakers Contest, hosted in Vermont every year for youth ages 5-15.

The objective? Find the stinkiest, most worn-out shoe in the state. Judges examine each shoe and come up with a winner. This isn’t just another weird award, either – the owner of the stinkiest shoe gets a whopping $2,500 cash prize!

12. Lanterne Rouge

What’s worse – coming in first place for the stinkiest shoe, or being the absolute last person to complete Le Tour de France? Either way, there’s an award for both.

The Lanterne Rouge is the award given out to the last dedicated biker who completes this world-renowned course. While some would say, if you’re not first, you’re last, weird award makers have found a way to recognize even this distinct feat.

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