How late is your dealership open? There’s a long-running debate about whether or not car dealerships should be open later or on Sundays. Customers wonder why they can’t buy a car whenever they want, but he salespeople know the reason: they already work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

But as dealerships compete in an ever-tighter market, they want to be open and available at all times. Enter the rise of online car shopping. According to new data research, car buyers spend 60% of their time doing research online.

The busiest times for dealership web traffic are 2 p.m. EST and 11 a.m. PST. The highest traffic days are Fridays, though it’s worth noting that Fridays also saw the lowest traffic-to-form ratio, meaning it’s a great day for browsers but not a good one for leads. What’s going on in your dealership in the mid-afternoon on a weekday? Late afternoons are known to be slow times for car dealerships. Imagine if your website was busy instead, with live chat operators talking to shoppers who were at work and browsing cars at their desks.

Car Dealer Chat Software

Your website is your digital showroom. It might be open 24/7, but you can’t expect overworked salespeople to be available at all times to handle live chat. Your dealership needs professionally trained live chat operators to handle website visitors at all hours, whether it’s late on a Sunday evening or when all your salespeople are busy with customers on the lot. Car dealer chat operators will find out more information about shoppers, make recommendations, book test drives, and add a personal touch to online research.


Increasingly, car buyers are tuning out TV and radio ads, both national spots from the manufacturers and local ads for dealerships. More than ever, the first place people go when they’re in the market for something is Facebook. They start by asking their friends for recommendations and more are now going to Facebook Marketplace to see what’s available and what prices are like. Facebook Marketplace integration is now offered by the car dealer chat company Gubagoo. Live chat operators who handle queries on your website can talk live to customers via Facebook Messenger, while your entire inventory is available on Facebook Marketplace. Car sales in the future are more likely to start on social media.


Approaching a prospect is going to be more successful the more you know. You can utilize car dealer chat software to collect more information about prospects before you contact them. You should know which vehicles they’re interested in, their purchase and service history, and their web interaction history with your website. Web interaction is very valuable information. Sometimes what the prospect says they want isn’t what they really want. You should be able to find out. This kind of information is collected by car dealer chat software Gubagoo’s behavioral intelligence system.

If you want to improve your sales, reach customers online, and learn more about prospects, you need car dealer chat software.