Tech has been taking over many aspects of our life, especially in the last 20 years or so as advancements have arrived faster than ever before. One aspect of technology which we are always amazed by is the kind of tech which you can use to enhance your driving experience. For as long as there has been cars, there has been awesome pieces of tech inside them which add value to the experience of owning a car, and driving it. We have rounded up the best pieces of car tech and car gadgets for you, to see just how far we have come.


Garmin Dash Cam

Dash cams are great for a wide number of reasons, you can use them to record exciting events that take place, they can help you if you have had an accident and they can also create a great video of where you have been. Our pick in terms of the best dash cam for your car, is Garmin’s offering, a sleek and high powered device which won’t let you down. This dash cam records at an incredible 30 frames per second, with a video quality of 1440 pixels.

Fobo Tire Plus

This awesome piece of kit will ensure that you never have to worry about you deflated tires again. Having tires which are not properly inflated will cost you money in efficiency, it can be dangerous as your car will be less responsive, and of course, if the police see you driving with a heavily deflated tire, you an expect them to throw a ticket in your direction. In order to overcome all of this, you need to invest in Fobo tire plus, a small attachment which you place onto the valve of your tires, which then uses bluetooth to notify you when you need to put some more air in.


Starting your day without a cup of Joe just doesn’t bear thinking about and that is why the Handspresso is the gadget which you need in your life. This coffee maker plugs right into your cigarette lighter or USB slot, and once loaded with some tasty beans, or even ground coffee, you simply press go as you start the engine, and within just a minute you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, in a beautiful smelling car.

Bestek Jump Starter

The last thing that any of us want to happen is that we can’t start our engines, especially as whenever this happens it usually involves a lot of rain or snow. Jump leads of course are a wonderful invention, but they do require the use of two cars. Alleviate all of this pressure with the simple and well made gadget from Bestek, a jump start kit. This kit is battery powered and all you need to do is wire it up to the positive and negative, hit the juice button and you’ll be on the road again before you know it. At just $50, this is an absolute steal of a gadget.