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The guilty face:



Not a good decision

This must be the “before” photo…work-happens-201
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Dachunds make the couch a little cozier

101_1814How can you get mad at these two cuties?

You know this had to be a bad day.

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Um…it’s not a door for the horse.


This is not gonna end well

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Oh boy, I’d hate to have to clean that one up…

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We had a major malfunction….

Oh boy oh’ boy. So sorry the site has been down since yesterday morning! We updated a plugin on our end that had some roue script which then shut us out of our admin panel and became a nightmare to deal with. Everything is back up and running, although site updates may lag yet today. Many many apologies!!!

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Picture perfect;)

This dog destroyed this door.

Oh boy.

That’s why I believe in a fenced in yard and a dog door…if you have the room for it;)