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This is one adorably thirsty cat

How “Blackbird” was meant to be performed:

Watch this sea lions reaction to this little girl

It’s priceless


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Baby Lucas sings the blues

This kid has great timing! I’m blown away actually…

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Hey cat, give the dog his bed back

This is just hilarious:)
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Grab your blankee and your paci; it’s nap time.

Holy moly. This is just about one of the cutest things I’ve evah’ seen.

Fog rolls in over Lake Michigan

The cool thing about this video is that I was actually at Oval Beach on Lake Michigan on this day. It was thick with fog, yet when you were a block away from the beack the sky was bright blue. We walked on the beach that day, and it was completely beautiful and eerie, like a dream…

Shorkie puppy and a baby:

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This pup likes to steal da’ treats

Danimals Army:

I just love these heartwarming stories…

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