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The real little drummer boy

This kid is incredible!

Cat gives dog a massage

That pupper is having a Zen Moment…

This Shark Tank episode will give you the good feels:

Tree T-Pee is a genius idea. It’s so refreshing to see someone stick up for the little people who need help to grow their business, meanwhile do something for our society as a whole with regards to conservation and better farming practices. Go Johnny!

Hmmm. Wonder where my slipper went?

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Kitteh say, no one can see me, I swears.

These cows really like Christmas jazz music

Come on. How cute is this?

Oh, baby baby, oh baby baby

Um. Sure Salt N’ Pepa envisioned this when they wrote the song. I LOVE IT!

Owl head scratch

Press play for da’ cuteness:


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This puppy sure like’s Frozen:)

How adorable…

Compassionate toddler will break your heart

What a precious little girl!
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