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How to play hockey with a Dachshund

Sent in by Henning

One way to take a surfboard to the beach

When in Rome;)

Photo used with permission: Fernando Stalla

I bring you HoverBike. I want one.

Not sure what I would do with this? Be really awesome at cutting the grass maybe? Being a cool chick looking like a storm trooper? You decide. Either way, I want one!


Kama the surfing pig:

Sent in by Paul:)

Capybaras look like Rafael Nadal

No, really, they do:
Capybaras look like Rafael Nadal
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Zen Moment of the Day

It’s been a while…
Zen Moment of the Day Surfing
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Zen Moment of the Day

Looks like fun:)

For my basketball fans

I about died laughing at this one…
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Crazy Moment of the Day

This just really shows the scale of how large a whale is!
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Zen Moment of the Day

I could never surf something like this, but it is just mesmerizing to look at.