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Capybaras look like Rafael Nadal

No, really, they do:
Capybaras look like Rafael Nadal
via Tastefully Offensive

Zen Moment of the Day

It’s been a while…
Zen Moment of the Day Surfing
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Zen Moment of the Day

Looks like fun:)

For my basketball fans

I about died laughing at this one…
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Crazy Moment of the Day

This just really shows the scale of how large a whale is!
via Imgur

Zen Moment of the Day

I could never surf something like this, but it is just mesmerizing to look at.

Best faces of the Olympics: Figure skating


Zen Moment of the Day

Ahh…surfing with dolphins. Such amazing creatures. I’ve had the pleasure of surfing with them before as well, but never quite like this. Talk about being in sync with nature. Just lovely!

Photo by Matt Hutton via HuffingtonPost

Next up, a skateboarding cat

Yep. This kitteh has skills.

Another great find from our friend, Henning:)

This is why I don’t go to the gym:

Seriously. I walk around those machines and stalk people while they are on them so I can figure out what the heck it is I’m supposed to do.