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One way to take a surfboard to the beach

When in Rome;)

Photo used with permission: Fernando Stalla

Don’t try this at home: Partied Out Balloon

Sent in by Henning

Cat and a vacuum cleaner. Who knew?

Sent in by Henning

I bring you HoverBike. I want one.

Not sure what I would do with this? Be really awesome at cutting the grass maybe? Being a cool chick looking like a storm trooper? You decide. Either way, I want one!


Saucy little pug:)

Saucy little pug

This is what happens when you drop the milk:

dropped the milk

New beard goal:

Calling all hipsters!
New beard goal via The Berry

Ehrm…let’s have a chat:

What are your intentions?

This one just really made me laugh:)

hospice worker for plants

This cat does NOT want to be in your family portrait:

Family portrait