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Dog paints for charity

Here’s a little story to warm your heart:)

Dog paints for charity


One dog’s reaction to the term “dog park”

Happy reaction to dog park
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Dog nurses kitten while abandoned in the wild

Dog nurses kitten

Deer thinks it’s a dog

Faith in humanity restored
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They said smile, dammit.

They said smile, dammit.

First time parent look:

First time parent
Been there.

Why is the pig getting all the attention?!

Poppy Pig from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Sent in by Henning:)

OMG cabbage!

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Look at this Boston Terrier

Just LOOK at it! Dying over here…it’s so dern cute:)

Cute argyle socks on a pupper make my heart swell

This is just adorable.86PdIAT
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