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I brought ma’ friends

I brought my friends

Cows chase a toy car

Great find by my friend Monique!

Nothing like snuggling up to a donkey

Say what? Yep. Check out the video below. Mind. Blown.

Originally viewed at CuteOverload, a personal fave.

Cute baby elephant had a stuck

This one was discovered by MiniMoppel:



A baby elephant and some birds to make you smile

Nature is wonderful…
an elephant and birds
via Twitter

Elephant lullaby

sent in by Henning:)

This zebra just wants to say hello

Zebra say what?

Baby elephant dances with a tourist in Thailand

How adorable is this little guy?
via Tastefully Offensive

Crazy Moment of the Day

This just really shows the scale of how large a whale is!
via Imgur